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-01/2019, Third prize  in the competition Concorso di Idee “Un’idea per Cineto”

-11/2016, 2nd prize in the competion "Concorso di idee per la riqualificazione di dieci aree urbane periferiche" Aprilia area, IT 

team: (Studio Ederra) Nuria Vila Costa, Valeria Ledda, Cristiana Graziani, Francesca Amarilli, Marzia Fiume Garelli. 


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Heater done by FA on sale at Leroy Merlin

JFG Coworking space will take part in Open House Roma 2019!

You are all welcome!

JFG Coworking space will take part in Open House Roma 2018!

You are all welcome!

MFG is an architect and a painter. She applied her creative abilities to a diverse range of projects as well as to painting, one of her passions.


The exhibition takes place inside the JFG associated studio. 

JFG Coworking space was founded in 2015 by the will and the experience of Fausto Fiume Garelli, well-known neuro psychiatrist, and Anna Patrizia Jesi, great cardiologist. 

The idea was to make coexist in the same environment, aimed at the care and well-being of the patient, art, especially the architectural and theatrical.

This space hosts many different activities but all of them are in search of wellness, to enrich patients, doctors, different technicians, and artists. 

Inside the exhibition will be also presented the activities and the work done by the theatre company BalleriniFiume.